Due to Covid-19, our transfer stations located in Winterport and Ellsworth Maine will remain open for authorized waste haulers and contractors but will be closed to the general public until further notice.

We will continue to provide roll off containers for all of our customers.

We provide 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50 cubic yard roll-off containers for homeowners, commercial builders and municipalities. Live floor trailers are available for larger projects. Our transportation and disposal rates are competitive and we are very proud of the level of service we provide our customers.

Same-Day Service

Same-Day Service

We have same-day service available, as well as weekend delivery and pickups. Call us for a container today!

10-Yard Roll-Off Containers

12' LONG X 4' HIGH X 8' WIDE

This size container is great for:

  • Small residential jobs
  • When space is very limited

15-Yard Roll-Off Containers

*Most popular small dumpster

14' Long X 5' High X 8' Wide

This size container is great for:

  • Small residential jobs
  • Single room remodels
  • Minor yard cleanups

20-Yard Roll-Off Containers

16' Long X 6' High X 8' Wide

This size container is great for:

  • Residential jobs & yard cleanups
  • Garage Clean-outs
  • Roofing jobs
  • Smaller commercial jobs
  • When space is limited on commercial job sites

30-Yard Roll-Off Containers

*Most popular commercial dumpster

22' Long X 6' High X 8' Wide

This size container is great for:

  • Large residential jobs
  • Home clean-outs
  • New home construction
  • Commercial jobs

40-Yard Roll-Off Containers

22' Long X 7' High X 8' Wide

This size container is great for:

  • Large commercial job sites
  • Demolition projects

50-Yard Roll-Off Containers

24' Long X 8' High X 8' Wide

This size container is great for:

  • Municipal Transfer Stations
  • Demolition jobs

Roll-off Container Disclaimer

Please provide our dispatch with the location you would like your roll-off container placed. Due to unknown soil and subsurface ground conditions, DM&J Waste is not responsible for any damage to customer's lawns, driveways, side-walks, curbs, underground plumbing, wells, septic systems or utilities. It is the customer's responsibility to make DM&J Waste aware of any underground utilities which might be affected by delivery of a roll-off container. Customer will be held responsible for any damage to our containers while on their site. If a container must be moved from the area we placed, it please call us to move it. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE OUR CONTAINERS. (Relocation fees apply). PLEASE DO NOT OVERLOAD OUR CONTAINERS. Do not load debris over the top or sides of our containers. This is a major safety hazard as debris may damage the container, our trucks, your property or fly out during transport. Observe maximum fill level, which is level with the top of container. For heavy material such a concrete, do not fill the containers more than ¾ fill. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO PLAY ON OR AROUND OUR CONTAINERS. Do not put any hazardous waste, sealed drums, liquid waste or any other waste that is not identifiable in our containers. PLEASE SEE OUR LIST OF ACCEPTABLE / UNACCEPTABLE MATERIALS. The acceptable/nonacceptable list is available on our website or you can call our main office to request one.

Customers are responsible for timely payment per the agreed payment terms set up at the time a container is ordered.